Blogging the 2017 Grammys Category 32 – Best Jazz Vocal Album

The Journey      The Baylor Project

Not available steaming

A Social Call      Jazzmeia Horn

She’s a unique jazz vocalist, she plays with phrasing, she scats. Nice vocal tone, it’s fine.

Bad Ass And Blind      Raul Midón

I’m not sure what this is doig here – it wasn’t particularly jazzy – the songwriting was mediocre, the production crowded – not much to like about this one. Try “Pedal to the Metal.

Porter Plays Porter      Randy Porter Trio With Nancy King

Not available steaming
Dreams And Daggers      Cécile McLorin Salvant

A double album of a not very pleasant sounding vocalist. Knock yourself out, I am not making it through this entire thing. It gets better as it goes along – recorded live. Still not my thing. STOP CLAPPING AFTER SOLOS.


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